2019 Workshop Registration

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Listed to the right are all the sessions that are available. There are some things that you will need to know.

Classes are only allowed to be taken once per workshop and you must indicate 3 separate choices per session.

Classes are subject to change due to enrollment numbers and instructor availability.

Session 1
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Session 2
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Classes by Sessions

Session 1 (Friday Evening)

    Firearms Safety
    Fish & Game Cleaning
    From Stick to Staff
    Literary Naturalists and Journaling
    Personal Safety
    Wildlife Habitat & Tracking

Session 2 (Saturday Morning)

    Basic Archery**
    Basic Fishing
    Basic Riflery & Handgun**
    Basic Shotgun**
    Bow Hunting
    BOW Wilderness Survival
    Intro to Small Game Hunting
    Outdoor Cooking

Session 3 (Saturday Afternoon)

    Advanced Fishing
    Basic Archery**
    Basic Riflery & Handgun**
    Basic Shotgun**
    BOW Wilderness Survival
    Trapping & Fur Craft
    Wilderness First Aid

Session 4 (Sunday Morning)

    Gun Care & Cleaning
    Intro to Turkey Hunting
    Natural Gardening & Backyard Habitat
    Orient Yourself Outdoors
    Trailer Handling
    Wild Edibles & Wildflowers

** = Classes that are only available to participants that have already taken the Hunter Education Program or sign up for Session 1 Firearms Safety.

Special Note = Basket Weaving for Beginners will cost an additional $10.00 for supplies.