About Session Classes
Friday Evening Session
06:15pm to 10:00pm
  • Firearms Safety
  • Fish & Game Cleaning
  • From Stick to Staff
  • Literary Naturalists and Journaling
  • Personal Safety
  • Wildlife Habitat & Tracking
Saturday Morning Session
08:15am to 11:45am
  • Basic Archery
  • Basic Fishing
  • Basic Riflery & Handgun
  • Basic Shotgun
  • Bow Hunting
  • BOW Wilderness Survival
  • Intro to Small Game Hunting
  • Outdoor Cooking
Saturday Evening Session
01:45pm to 05:15pm
  • Advanced Fishing
  • Basic Archery
  • Basic Riflery & Handgun
  • Basic Shotgun
  • BOW Wilderness Survival
  • Muzzleloading
  • Trapping & Fur Craft
  • Wilderness First Aid
Sunday Morning Session
08:15am to 11:45am
  • Geocaching
  • Gun Care & Cleaning
  • Intro to Turkey Hunting
  • Natural Gardening & Backyard Habitat
  • Orient Yourself Outdoors
  • Trailer Handling
  • Wild Edibles & Wildflowers

Advanced Fishing
This workshop is for ladies that have been fishing with bobber, hook, and worm, but now want to take fishing to the next step. We will learn how to tie some fishing knots and when to use them. We will learn about different kinds of artificial lures what, how, when, where, and why. We will practice casting the lures using spinning reels that we put together. Then we will try and catch the big one! Basic Fishing is recommended, but not necessary.

Basic Archery
Learn how to select bows, arrows and other archery equipment with an emphasis on use of the bow for hunting. Participants can try out various archery equipment on the range.(*Prerequisite: Firearms Safety or hunter education certificate).

Basic Fishing
This workshop is for ladies that have never fished before, only a few times, or a long time ago. We will discuss angler ethics and safety like how to safely handle and release a fish. We will learn how to tie a simple fishing knot and how to put a fishing rod together. Well practice casting and then try to catch some fish using live bait.

Basic Riflery & Handgun
Learn and practice basic positions for shooting rifles and handguns. Participants will be shooting at paper targets, dueling trees and falling block targets with small caliber rifles and handguns with emphasis on recreational shooting. Participants will sharpen skills with plenty of time on the shooting range. This is not a personal protection class.(*Prerequisite: Firearms Safety or hunter education certificate).

Basic Shotgun
Learn and practice basic shotgun techniques. Participants will enhance skills while shooting at aerial clay targets. (*Prerequisite: Firearms Safety or hunter education certificate).

Bow Hunting
Hunting with a bow and arrow can be a challenging and rewarding experience. Topics will include equipment, safety, ethics and regulations, and preparing for a hunt.

BOW Wilderness Survival
Learn about the 5 Cs of survivability and practice basic skills that will help you thrive in a wilderness setting. Class is entirely in the field and very hands on. Students will be introduced to and practice basic skills needed to meet survival priorities such as survival psychology, fire building, building shelters, finding and purifying water, rescue and food strategies. This class requires you to walk on rough terrain up and down hills, sturdy foot wear is strongly recommended.

Firearms Safety
An introduction to different types of firearms and the basics of firearm safety. Includes information on selecting and purchasing firearms. Does not include any actual shooting. This session is a prerequisite for anyone taking any of the shooting classes who does not have a Hunter Ed. Certificate. If you have attended this session in a prior year, it is not necessary to repeat the class. For information on upcoming Hunter Ed. courses, click here or contact (317-232-4194). Class may run over to cover necessary information.

Fish & Game Cleaning
Acquire basic techniques for cleaning and preparing Indiana fish and field dressing and cleaning small game. From the field or water to the freezer...

From Stick to Staff
Create your own useful and attractive hiking staff. Also, learn how to use a hiking stick efficiently, and learn the uses for a hiking stick other than just hiking. Participants will choose their sticks from the woods on sight and learn about different types of wood that make useful staffs.

Explore the hobby of geocaching and get ready for a lifetime of fun and adventure! Discover the skill of geocaching, GPS navigation and how it works, and how to do everything safely. You will also get to try your hand at hiding and finding geocaches! Recommended for beginner and intermediate skill levels. This program is partly outside and we could walk up to 1 mile so dress for the weather and wear comfortable shoes/boots. All equipment is provided.

Gun Care & Cleaning
A properly cared for gun is safer, more effective, will last longer and be more valuable. Learn how to clean, store and care for basic types of shotguns, rifles and handguns.

Intro to Small Game Hunting
From equipment, to clothing, to firearms, and more you will learn the techniques to enjoy hunting the small game of Indiana like rabbits and squirrel.

Intro to Turkey Hunting
The resurgence of wild turkey across North America is perhaps the greatest conservation story of modern times. With eyesight comparable to a hawk, turkeys are tough to hunt. This class will teach the basics of turkey hunting regulations, turkey hunting equipment, selecting proper places to hunt, turkey behavior, what to do after you shoot a turkey, and more. This class is for beginner turkey hunters who are interested in learning how to hunt these popular game birds.

Literary Naturalists and Journaling
Part of becoming an outdoors woman can involve recording your experiences in the out-of-doors. Participants will be exposed to some of the gems of environmental literature, from both familiar and new authors, and learn about journaling techniques that can range from phonological & citizen scientist records to creative expressions of outdoor experiences. Everyone will craft their own unique journal to use to start their own journaling adventure over the weekend!

Here is a unique to learn about yesteryear and the timeless tradition of using a muzzleloading firearms. The firearms were our earliest types of firearms that were devolved by our fore-fathers. These primitive style firearms were used in the early formation of this great country. Using blackpowder rather the modern powder used in modern guns these firearms are fun, exciting and will spark your interest in how it used to be in our earlier days. Our instructors will also be in period dress to enhance this great learning opportunity. You will have the opportunity to shoot a wide variety of antique firearms. Dont miss this class!!! (*Prerequisite: Firearms Safety or hunter education certificate).

Natural Gardening & Backyard Habitat
Learn how to take some simple steps to enhance your backyard to attract wildlife by providing the basic elements of habitat. Receive plant lists, nest box plans, and gardening strategies. Discover what wildlife species are most likely attracted to backyard habitats. Participants will also build a bird or bat box to take home.

Orient Yourself Outdoors
Learn basic compass skills that will help you navigate during your outdoor adventure. Students will learn how to use a simple compass and apply the lesson to a practical navigation course. GPS is discussed. If you have one bring it.

Outdoor Cooking
Cooking outside is delicious and does not have to just be hot dogs! Discover several different cooking techniques while preparing a handful of dishes. Bring your empty stomach and be ready for some hands-on learning! You will feel confident making some of these dishes on your own at home or at the campsite after this program. This program is outside so dress for the weather.

Personal Safety
Dont be afraid to walk alone on your favorite trail again. Learn how to protect yourself when enjoying the outdoors. This class will teach basic self-defense geared towards women.

Trailer Handling
This course is set for the woman who wants to be independent and confident enough to trailer a boat, ATV, snowmobile, or camper by herself. Learn towing safety, maintenance, and the art of backing up trailers. Most class time will be hands on experience behind the wheel. A valid drivers license is required.

Trapping & Fur Craft
Learn simple trapping skills, how to handle and tan hides, and how to put furs to use by making a warm and fashionable fur hat. Gather ideas for making other fur crafts and garments. This course is taught by one of Indianas most accomplished and knowledgeable female trappers.

Wild Edibles & Wildflowers
Learn plant and flower identification and then venture into nature to find wild edibles to prepare.

Wilderness First Aid
This class will help you prepare for the unexpected. This hands-on training is designed to meet the needs of trip leaders, camp staff, outdoor enthusiasts and individuals working in remote locations. It will introduce you to caring for people who become ill or injured far from definitive medical care.

Wildlife Habitat & Tracking
Learn about Indianas diverse wildlife and where to find it. Learn about animal behavior and how to read the subtle signs that animals leave behind. Make plaster casts of animal tracks and explore the camp using your new-found tracking skills.