About Session Classes
Friday Evening Session
06:15pm to 10:00pm
  • Education Workshop Sampler
  • Firearms Safety
  • Fish & Game Cleaning
  • From Stick to Staff
  • Personal Safety
  • Wildlife Habitat & Tracking
Saturday Morning Session
08:15am to 11:45am
  • Basic Archery
  • Basic Riflery & Handgun
  • Basic Shotgun
  • BOW Wilderness Survival
  • Fly Tying
  • Learn to Fish
  • Natural Gardening & Backyard Habitat
  • Orient Yourself Outdoors
  • Outdoor Cooking
Saturday Evening Session
01:45pm to 05:15pm
  • Basic Archery
  • Basic Canoeing
  • Basic Map Reading and Watersheds
  • Basic Riflery & Handgun
  • Basic Shotgun
  • BOW Wilderness Survival
  • Fly Fishing
  • Learn to Fish with Lures
  • Leave No Trace - Outdoor Ethics
  • Muzzleloading
  • Trapping & Fur Craft
Sunday Morning Session
08:15am to 11:45am
  • Crafting with Plants
  • Gun Care & Cleaning
  • Intro to Turkey Hunting
  • Knot Tying
  • Stream Monitoring
  • Trailer Handling
  • Wildflowers and Ethnobotany

Basic Archery
Learn how to select bows, arrows and other archery equipment with an emphasis on use of the bow for hunting. Participants can try out various archery equipment on the range.

Basic Canoeing
Learn the skills to paddle a canoe through calm or rough waters. Practice basic paddling strokes and learn important safety rules. This class is a great introduction to the diverse sport of paddling, taking you from your first experience and transforming you into a confident paddler. Class is taught off site on a nearby lake and travel time is included in the class. Be prepared, you may get wet! It is recommended that participants bring a hat, sunglasses and suntan lotion for sun protection and a change of clothes in case you get wet.

Basic Map Reading and Watersheds
Ready to upgrade your map-reading abilities? Does that "topo map" looked like an abstract painting to you? Learn how to read a topographic map through several activities. We'll also cover what a "watershed" is and why it is important to know a bit about this when collecting water while backpacking.

Basic Riflery & Handgun
Learn and practice basic positions for shooting rifles and handguns. Participants will be shooting at paper targets, dueling trees and falling block targets with small caliber rifles and handguns with emphasis on recreational shooting. Participants will sharpen skills with plenty of time on the shooting range. This is not a personal protection class.(*Prerequisite: Firearms Safety or hunter education certificate).

Basic Shotgun
Learn and practice basic shotgun techniques. Participants will enhance skills while shooting at aerial clay targets. (*Prerequisite: Firearms Safety or hunter education certificate).

BOW Wilderness Survival
Learn about the 5 Cs of survivability and practice basic skills that will help you thrive in a wilderness setting. Class is entirely in the field and very hands on. Students will be introduced to and practice basic skills needed to meet survival priorities such as survival psychology, fire building, building shelters, finding and purifying water, rescue and food strategies. This class requires you to walk on rough terrain up and down hills, sturdy foot wear is strongly recommended.

Crafting with Plants
In this workshop, we will learn how to make dye, harvest fibers, and brew tea from a variety of plants both native to Indiana and growing around your home! We'll go over some basic plant ID and then draw on cultural and historical knowledge to discover many of the 'hidden' powers of plants.

Education Workshop Sampler
If you work with children, you need to know about these resources! Experience some of the hands-on lessons and games that these guides offer and learn how to attend full workshops on Project WILD, Project WET, and Project Learning Tree! Part of this class will be outside so dress for the weather.

Firearms Safety
An introduction to different types of firearms and the basics of firearm safety. Includes information on selecting and purchasing firearms. Does not include any actual shooting. This session is a prerequisite for anyone taking any of the shooting classes who does not have a Hunter Ed. Certificate. If you have attended this session in a prior year, it is not necessary to repeat the class. For information on upcoming Hunter Ed. courses, click here or contact (317-232-4194). Class may run over to cover necessary information.

Fish & Game Cleaning
Acquire basic techniques for cleaning and preparing Indiana fish and field dressing and cleaning small game. From the field or water to the freezer...

Fly Fishing
Fly Casting is designed for the student with little or no knowledge of the mechanics of fly casting. Students will learn basic fly casting techniques and be introduced to equipment needed for fly fishing. Basic knots necessary for fly fishing will also be taught. All casting will be done on dry land, although students will be challenged to take to the water. All equipment will be provided.

Fly Tying
Learn the basic tools, materials, and techniques to tie your own flies. Participants will tie common mid-western warm-water patterns while learning the fundamentals of fly tying.

From Stick to Staff
Create your very own walking stick to take with you on your adventures! In this workshop, we'll learn some basic whittling and woodburning skills while crafting a useful piece of art.

Gun Care & Cleaning
A properly cared for gun is safer, more effective, will last longer and be more valuable. Learn how to clean, store and care for basic types of shotguns, rifles and handguns.

Intro to Turkey Hunting
The resurgence of wild turkey across North America is perhaps the greatest conservation story of modern times. With eyesight comparable to a hawk, turkeys are tough to hunt. This class will teach the basics of turkey hunting regulations, turkey hunting equipment, selecting proper places to hunt, turkey behavior, what to do after you shoot a turkey, and more. This class is for beginner turkey hunters who are interested in learning how to hunt these popular game birds.

Knot Tying
Square, bowline, two half-hitch... knots are everywhere! Learn not only how to tie, but also HOW TO USE, a collection of the world's most useful outdoor knots. You'll find uses for this unique collection of outdoor knots in survival, camping, homesteading, boating, farming, hiking, and much more.

Learn to Fish
This workshop is tailored to women new to fishing who are interested in learning how to fish. No experience is needed. You will learn basic fish biology, gain some basic fishing skills, and fish at the pond. All bait and fishing equipment will be provided.

Learn to Fish with Lures
This workshop is tailored to women who want to learn to cast lures with a spinning combo. Basic fishing experience is needed. You will learn about fish biology, habitat, fishing regulations, and different types of lures and how to use them. You will practice casting a spinning combo that you put together and then fish with lures at the pond. All lures and fishing equipment will be provided.

Leave No Trace - Outdoor Ethics
Becoming outdoor women comes with a responsibility to enjoy outdoor activities in a sustainable manner. Using the Leave No Trace guidelines as a framework for easy-to-follow practices, participants in this class will learn how to enjoy new outdoor hobbies in ways that will leave the least impact. Enjoy hands-on, fun activities in this class while becoming empowered to model best practices in the out-of-doors!

Here is a unique to learn about yesteryear and the timeless tradition of using a muzzleloading firearms. The firearms were our earliest types of firearms that were devolved by our fore-fathers. These primitive style firearms were used in the early formation of this great country. Using blackpowder rather the modern powder used in modern guns these firearms are fun, exciting and will spark your interest in how it used to be in our earlier days. Our instructors will also be in period dress to enhance this great learning opportunity. You will have the opportunity to shoot a wide variety of antique firearms. Dont miss this class!!! (*Prerequisite: Firearms Safety or hunter education certificate).

Natural Gardening & Backyard Habitat
Learn how to take some simple steps to enhance your backyard to attract wildlife by providing the basic elements of habitat. Receive plant lists, nest box plans, and gardening strategies. Discover what wildlife species are most likely attracted to backyard habitats. Participants will also build a bird or bat box to take home.

Orient Yourself Outdoors
Learn basic compass skills that will help you navigate during your outdoor adventure. Students will learn how to use a simple compass and apply the lesson to a practical navigation course. GPS is discussed. If you have one bring it.

Outdoor Cooking
Cooking outside is delicious and does not have to just be hot dogs! Discover several different cooking techniques while preparing a handful of dishes. Bring your empty stomach and be ready for some hands-on learning! You will feel confident making some of these dishes on your own at home or at the campsite after this program. This program is outside so dress for the weather. (Additional Cost: $10.00)

Personal Safety
Dont be afraid to walk alone on your favorite trail again. Learn how to protect yourself when enjoying the outdoors. This class will teach basic self-defense geared towards women.

Stream Monitoring
Discover the meaning of water quality and how to measure it using easy chemical tests and by learning how to identify the bugs in the creek. This is an introduction to a free citizen science project called Hoosier Riverwatch. We will use water samples that have been collected ahead of time, but time and weather permitting, we may go to a nearby creek.

Trailer Handling
This course is set for the woman who wants to be independent and confident enough to trailer a boat, ATV, snowmobile, or camper by herself. Learn towing safety, maintenance, and the art of backing up trailers. Most class time will be hands on experience behind the wheel. A valid drivers license is required.

Trapping & Fur Craft
Learn simple trapping skills, how to handle and tan hides, and how to put furs to use by making a warm and fashionable fur hat. Gather ideas for making other fur crafts and garments. This course is taught by one of Indianas most accomplished and knowledgeable female trappers. (Additional Cost: $20.00)

Wildflowers and Ethnobotany
Explore the woods at Ross Camp in search of native spring wildflowers and plants used by humans for a variety of purposes. Plants roles in their ecosystems will be covered, along with the connections between humans and plants. Folklore and plant uses for food, medicine and other products will be revealed. Plants are so much more than just a pretty face! NOTE: Due to safety issues related to ingesting unknown foods, along with stewardship restrictions related to harvesting plants from small, localized populations, we will not be sampling any plants on this hike.

Wildlife Habitat & Tracking
Learn about Indianas diverse wildlife and where to find it. Learn about animal behavior and how to read the subtle signs that animals leave behind. Make plaster casts of animal tracks and explore the camp using your new-found tracking skills.